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Hi! My name is Kerry and I am the creator and founder of Sticker Pix.

Since I was a young child I have loved exploring new and inventive ways to be creative. Glue, paint, glitter; I was fascinated by experimenting and using my imagination to design and build artistic creations. Now that I am a mother to three young children, I absolutely love sharing this creativity with them.

Our arts and crafts corner is a constantly rotating mess of painted egg cartons, crepe paper, glitter glue and crayons; but one thing remains constant - stickers. My children are just mad about stickers.


Every picture they would proudly show me would have countless stickers randomly attached; they would put them on homemade birthday cards, they would award them to each other when playing schools. The stickers were bright, colourful, and often beautifully detailed; I could see why my children loved them so much. 

And yet so many would end up ripped or crumbled, or stuck on a piece of tatty paper never to be seen again. Inspired, I created a piece of art out of stickers that wouldn’t just be admired for a moment (and in the recycling bin a week later!), but could be treasured forever. In that instant Sticker Pix was born, and I have been lovingly handcrafting unique sticker designs ever since. 

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and exploring my artwork.